Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC
Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC
Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC
Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC
Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC
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Specialty Coffee by Peak City Apex, NC

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Not just coffee, Specialty Coffee. Peak City carefully selects beans rated high enough to be considered “Specialty Coffee” per the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Pour Peak City in your cup and enjoy the experience.  *Also available for purchase in the Sea Oats Cottage Studio, Beaufort, NC
This dark roast is full bodied, rich, and robust. It’s bold and strong like the steam engine forging across the countryside. It’s roasted long enough to bring out the juicy oils of the coffee bean without the bitterness of many dark roasts. 12oz.  Whole Beans. Dark Roast.
From the rich coffee-growing fields of Brazil comes Peak City's lightest roast, Carova.  This smooth, mellow, and sweet coffee brings a sense of peace, beauty, and purpose to your cup.  It’s a perfect balance of strength in nature like the wild horses on the pristine shores of the Outer Banks. 12oz. Whole Beans. Light Roast. 
The small, round, delicate peaberry bean from Tanzania produces a surprisingly robust flavor. A more cocoa aroma with a fruity and slightly tart delivery, the peaberry delivers peace with strength like the whispering pines of the Carolinas. 12oz. Whole Beans. On the Light Side.
Highlands is a Sumatra from the Harimau Tiger region, which captures the classic characteristics of a Sumatran coffee while also offering a sweet, clean profile and high cup quality. Highlands offers a balance of sweetness with the earthy, herbaceous, and savory notes that are common to coffees from this region. Roasted to be strong like the waterfalls, full bodied like the mountains, with the earthy sweetness the natural beauty of it all invokes. 12oz. Whole Beans. Dark Roast.
 Peak City Coffee was born to share and enjoy specialty, locally roasted, small batch coffee with our community (& friends & family of course).
Family Owned and Operated.
Apex, NC.