Why the Name Sea Oats?

“Sea oats represent traits I admire most; ones I try to develop in myself and my girls.”

~Alexia Chianis, Sea Oats Candle Company

Sea oats don’t have it easy. They feed on nutrient-poor sand, endure salt spray, bear season after season of high-winds and waves, and face the occasional hurricane. Yet, they survive. As Spencer Rogers of North Carolina Sea Grant puts it, “A half a dozen things out there would kill any other plant, but sea oats just thrive.”

With a hefty dose of fortitude and unstoppable resilience, sea oats charge on quietly and beautifully protecting our coast. This is why—in many ways, through many years—sea oats have been my symbol of hope through difficult times. Choosing a name for my coastal-inspired candle company couldn’t have been easier.


Sea Oats Candle Company Eco Friendly Practices

We care about the eco-policies of companies we do business with, and you probably do too. So please review our eco-friendly practices and let us know if you have any suggestions for more ways we can reduce our environmental impact. Thank you!

• Sea Oats uses no plastic bags whatsoever.

• Sea Oats pours candles into 100% recycled glass tumblers.

• The 100% recycled tumblers are packaged and shipped to us in 100% recycled cardboard boxes.

• Sea Oats diffusers and decanters are also poured in 100% recycled glass.

• Candle tumblers can be washed, returned to Sea Oats, and refilled (customer receives a discount on candle).

• When sold to our customers, the 100% glass tumbler candles are packaged in a decorative 100%recycled cardboard box.

• Sea Oats candles are made with 100% USA soy wax (supporting American farmers) and it’s not harmful like paraffin wax (paraffin wax is a refined gasoline by-product).

• Soy wax is also sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

• Sea Oats re-purposes paper, cardboard, and other packing material our supplies come in – we use this when mailing out online orders.

• Approximately 85% of our supplies come from a Durham, NC company (supporting NC economy and reducing carbon footprint). We also choose the company’s carbon neutral shipping options on all UPS shipments.

Sea Oats is a
5 Star Ocean Friendly Establishment