Sea Breeze Signature Candle | Buy 3 & Save!
Sea Breeze Signature Candle | Buy 3 & Save!
Sea Breeze Signature Candle | Buy 3 & Save!
White Tea & Lotus: Floral, Sweet, Botanical

Sea Breeze Signature Candle | Buy 3 & Save!

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Invite this collection into your home and enjoy the comfort of warm summer breezes year-round! This is one of our newest and best-selling scents due to its signature blend of floral blooms and fresh greenery. If you enjoy all things blooming and botanical, we suggest you add this sweet candle to your cart.

Complete your experience with complementary Sea Breeze products such as body butter, body & room spray or diffuser oil.

Sea Oats Candles are subtle. They enhance your home with a delicate, light scent rather than overwhelm it with fragrance. Ambiance? Absolutely.

Large 11 oz. | Burn time approx. 60+ hours: Ceramic Tumbler w bamboo lid
Grande Two Wick 13 oz. | Burn time approx. 60+ hours: Ceramic Tumbler w bamboo lid

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax (from US grown beans), lemon and verbena fragrance oil and essential oils. Cotton wick. This hand-poured, 100% natural soy wax candle is infused the highest quality Clean Scent Certified fragrance and essential oils.

Aromatic Description: Floral, Sweet, Botanical   

Note Profile:
Top: Lotus flower
Middle: Green Floral, Agave 
Base: White Tea

Candle Scent: The Top note is the initial impression of the candle, the middle note is the main body of the scent, and the base note is the final impression of the fragrance.


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