Sand-Dunes Collection
Sand-Dune: Leather, Rich, Sensual

Sand-Dunes Collection

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Just like your favorite beach blanket, sand-dunes capture and hold the heat of day. Add the smell of sea oats and a touch of leather, and that's what our Sand-Dune Collection smell likes. A touch masculine, this distinct aroma is subtle, soothing, and sensual!

Choose from our 100% soy candle (burns clean up to 60 hours), luxurious hand & body lotion, pump hand & soap, or body|room|linen spray! 

Candle Ingredients: 
100% natural soy wax (from US grown beans), fragrance oil infused with natural essential oils.

Aromatic Description:  
Leather, Rich, Sensual  

Aromatic Profile:
Top: Leather 
Middle: Incense
Base: Amber

Candle Scent: The Top note is the initial impression of the candle, the middle note is the main body of the scent, and the base note is the final impression of the fragrance.

Signature Candle: 8 oz. | Burn time approx. 60+ hours
100% recycled sea-glass-look tumbler measures 3.25" x 3.25"