Drop In Refill Candle
Drop In Refill Candle
Easy to Use. Drop In & Light!

Drop In Refill Candle

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Drop in & light! Have one or more Sea Oats candle tumblers at home? Once your candle burns down, clean the tumbler and drop in the refill! It's really that easy.

This candle refill is made specifically to drop into our large 11 oz. ceramic candle tumbler, allowing you to reuse the tumbler again and again!

So Easy To Use. Once your Sea Oats candle burns down:

1. Remove wick and carefully wash tumbler with hot soapy water until clean. 
2. Drop in candle refill.
3. Light and enjoy!

With so many repeat customers, Sea Oats drop in refill candles simply make sense. Not only do they allow you to reuse your tumbler, they're also environmentally conscious and budget friendly.

Fits Sea Oats Large 11oz. ceramic tumbler. Approximate burn time: 60 hours.
Please Note: You're purchasing the Drop in Candle Refill Only (not the tumbler it fits in).


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